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Never risk losing a charge with this massive solar battery

by Danny Zepeda | August 15, 2017August 15, 2017 4:00 pm EST


Even the most devoted and die-hard adventurers need a little bit of power when they’re wandering in the great outdoors. And finding yourself without a power source when your devices are in desperate need of a charge can be wildly inconvenient and sometimes even dangerous, especially if you’re relying on your phone or laptop for navigation and communication. This massive SolarJuice 26,800mAh External Solar Battery was created in order to give you peace of mind whenever you’re off the grid, by acting as both a durable, high-capacity charging station and powerful flashlight. And it’s currently available for over 50% off at just $46.99.

With a massive storage capacity of 26,800mAh (Milli Amp hours), this SolarJuice battery is capable of charging a smartphone many times over using only the sun’s energy and offers three high-speed ports for Type-C, USB-C, and QC 3.0 devices—allowing you to charge three devices simultaneously. This battery’s solar technology is also used to power a built-in flashlight, which illuminates the entire front solar panel and is quantized into four distinct light modes: max brightness, low brightness, strobe, and SOS.

Keep your devices powered and your path illuminated on any adventure with the SolarJuice 26,800mAh External Solar Battery for just $46.99.


Danny Zepeda

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