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Okami HD rumored for PS4, Xbox One, but it’s skipping the Switch

by Joey Davidson | August 14, 2017August 14, 2017 5:00 pm PST

Okami may get yet another port if this fresh rumor proves true. Laura Kate Dale, new to Kotaku UK, reported from two independent sources that Capcom will bring Okami to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this December.

Dale has a strong track record with sources as she played a central role in the string of leaks and rumors leading up to the reveal of the Nintendo Switch.  It’s fair to assume that her rumor will turn out.

Now for the bad news. Kotaku indicates that it’s “apparently not getting a Switch port.” Despite the fact that Okami worked wonderfully on the Wii with the motion-based painting mechanics that would translate incredibly well to the Switch’s touchscreen, it seems like Capcom isn’t pushing the title to the Nintendo Switch.

With that said, a Switch port that features touchscreen inputs would require coding that’s never been a part of the Okami package. The game originally released for the PlayStation 2, so bringing the PS3’s HD version up to the PS4 and Xbox One should be relatively easy. Adding touchscreen support opens an entirely new can of worms.

Still, touchscreen use or not, I’d love to experience Okami on the Nintendo Switch. It’s an underplayed gem.


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