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Pikachu outbreaks all over Japan lead to a new shiny in Pokémon GO

by Ron Duwell | August 11, 2017August 11, 2017 12:00 pm PST

If you’ve seen armies of Pikachus overrunning the streets of Japan, it’s because The Pokémon Company is currently hosting a summer celebration for all things Pokémon in the city of Yokohama. Videos, anecdotes, and sightings of all sizes have been popping up on the internet left and right!

Along with this summer celebration, a new shiny Pikachu has popped up within Pokémon GO. Reports are coming in that claim an off-color Pikachu is appearing that can only be caught in Japan. As you can see below, the rat’s shade of yellow is of a slightly darker tint, but it is definitely different.

The slightly off-color Pikachu also evolves into a slightly off-color Raichu.

There is no word on how long the new shiny Pikachu will be available for or if it will ever receive a worldwide release.

Ron Duwell

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