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Nintendo 64 controller gets a crowd-funded “next-gen” make-over

by Ron Duwell | August 11, 2017August 11, 2017 6:00 am PDT

The Nintendo 64 is a great system with a lovely selection of classic video games. However, unless you spent some time in maturity during the mid-90s, the struggle to wrap your paws around that infamous controller is very real. I even held it wrong for the first ten years or so of its existence.

Yeah, the Nintendo 64’s controller is weird and a source of endless Internet debates. A modern day makeover is exactly what younger players need to get involved and join the fun.

That’s where Kickstarter gets involved. While the website is not exactly a bastion of good thoughts with video gamers these days, a group called Retro Fighters has successfully funded a project it calls “Next Gen N64 Nintendo 64 Controller.”

The campaign succeeded after a single day with Retro Fighters asking for $13,000 to fund the project. As of writing, it has 2,203 backers pledging $65,344. It makes you wonder if all those people have nothing but nostalgic love for the Nintendo 64 or if all those people genuinely feel that the Nintendo 64 controller needs to be redesigned after these past two decades.

The controller will be released in November for the price of $20.


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