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These gorgeous iPhone 8 marketing renders will make you want one right now

by Danny Zepeda | August 11, 2017August 11, 2017 12:30 pm PDT

The nonstop talk about the iPhone 8 has led to every surprise it could have had being spoiled. We pretty much know exactly how it’ll look like, function and cost. All we need is for Apple to make it official come September. What we don’t know is how Apple will market its new iPhone and that’s exactly what a designer tried to predict with his latest renders.

It should come as no surprise that the made up iPhone 8 marketing renders look absolutely gorgeous and make you want to buy one right now. The renders come courtesy of designer Quentin Theron where he imagines Apple’s signature use of suspended and flying iPhones to market its latest smartphone to the masses.

Theron uses key styles Apple has incorporated in marketing past iPhones, most importantly highlighting the design of the phone. One render shows each version of the iPhone 8 lying face down at different horizontal and vertical positions for a grid-like display. The second render shows the iPhones free falling in perfect angles showing reflections off the glass back.

The next render has a white iPhone falling with an explosion of some kind in the background. It’s similar to the wallpapers Apple included with the iPhone 7 that has colorful paint explosions. The final render is a bottom view of the iPhone that focuses on its thin design and the bezel-less display. It looks great.

In the renders, Theron uses four versions of the iPhone: Black, Silver, Gold and Rose Gold. That goes against the latest reports that state the iPhone 8 will only come in the three colors (Black, Silver and Copper), none of which are the Rose Gold.

During its events, Apple usually takes down its website to update with new products. Once it announces the iPhone 8, we can check out Apple’s updated website and see how close Quentin Theron came to Apple’s official marketing.

Quentin Theron

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