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iOS 11 public beta 4—Take Apple’s new update for a spin!

by Brandon Russell | August 8, 2017August 8, 2017 10:30 am PDT

As expected, Apple on Tuesday rolled out the next public beta for iOS 11, just 24 hours after unveiling the latest beta for developers. Today’s release moves Apple one step closer to the launch of iOS 11, which is expected to arrive sometime in September.

When yesterday’s developer beta hit, there were actually a number of new features, including refinements to Notification Center. But one feature that Apple took out was iCloud support for iMessage, which made syncing between devices a much better experience. The company said the feature will be added back in a future iOS 11 update.

While the public betas for iOS 11 have seen great strides in stability, it’s still worth noting that running beta software on your device is a risk. Be that as it may, our experience with the recent public betas has been mostly positive.

You can read up on what iOS 11 has to offer in the links below.


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