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Latest T-Mobile offer is a killer unlimited deal for seniors

by Danny Zepeda | August 7, 2017August 7, 2017 3:30 pm PDT

T-Mobile announced its latest unlimited data plan, but this time, it is taking aim at one specific demographic: seniors.

The plan is called ONE Unlimited 55, and it’s actually a great value for anyone over 55. Through the plan, T-Mobile will offer seniors essentially the same plan it offers to everyone, but at a significant price cut. Instead of paying the usual $70 for the ONE Unlimited plan, seniors will get a nice $20 discount, bringing down the price to $50 for a single line that includes unlimited calls, text and of course, data.

Even better, if you chose to get two lines instead of one, the price only goes up to $60 when you have auto pay. That’s an insane deal. Two lines of the ONE Unlimited 55 plan costs less than one line of the regular ONE Unlimited plan ($70) without losing any of the perks.

Announcing the new plan was T-Mobile CEOJohn Legere, and of course he couldn’t help taking a swipe at one of his main competitors—AT&T. Chief among his complaints that AT&T’s understandably woeful Senior Nation plan only offers a paltry 200 anytime minutes, 500 weekend minutes and absolutely zero data. We’re going to have to side with Legere on this one because that’s an embarrassing plan to offer in this day and age.

T-Mobile has been known for stirring up competition among the carriers, and this latest plan is addressing a segment that is rarely addressed. Look for other carriers to follow suit in the future to maintain a competitive balance or risk falling behind. This will turn out to be a win for consumers as they end up with better deals.


Danny Zepeda

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