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Is Spotify coming to Xbox One?

by Joey Davidson | August 7, 2017August 7, 2017 7:00 am PDT

It looks like the Xbox One might finally get a Spotify application if a shot snapped and found on Reddit is as legit as it seems.

A Redditor with the user name Geralt_De_Rivia posted the image you see below. It’s of a screen found on the Xbox One dashboard that shows what folks players follow are up to. There’s Xbox Live boss Larry “Major Nelson”  Hryb in “Spotify Music – for Xbox.”

The Redditor hit the comments to assure readers of the authenticity of the photo itself. “I can assure the guy who took the photo is to be trusted but, of course, no idea if this means Spotify is coming to Xbox,” they write.

The original poster of the image took another shot of their screen after folks accused him of posting a fake. Here’s that, if you’re interested.

Is Spotify definitely coming to the Xbox One? That’s impossible to answer. However, Microsoft is keen to compete with Sony on all fronts, and the PlayStation 4 has hosted Spotify for years. The eventual inclusion of Spotify on the Xbox One seems unavoidable, and offering it during the same holiday stretch as launching the Xbox One X just makes good sense.

If more comes from this rumor, we’ll have it.


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