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Apple Watch with new form factor and advanced capabilities launching this year

by Brandon Russell | August 4, 2017August 4, 2017 3:00 pm PDT

In addition to its iPhone 8, Apple is reportedly gearing up to launch an Apple Watch that supports LTE, according to a Bloomberg report.

The move is meant to make Apple’s wearable less reliant on Apple’s iPhone, and therefore more attractive to consumers who may not own the Cupertino company’s flagship smartphone.

With an LTE connection, Apple Watch owners could perform actions such as download music and apps—something that would be great for consumers who utilize the wearable’s fitness features. Users would also be able to send messages and receive calls, making the Apple Watch more capable than ever.

Bloomberg claims Apple is in talks with carriers in the U.S. and in Europe to support the upcoming device. Barring any setbacks, the new LTE-equipped watch will arrive in time for the busy holiday season.

Additionally, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber chimed in to say the new Apple Watch will feature a new form factor. No details about what that new form factor would look like were provided, but Apple has been pretty fond of the more square design.

Since launching in 2015, the Apple Watch has quickly become the most popular smart watch despite the market cooling off in recent months. Apple’s existing Apple Watch lineup has been updated to rely less on the iPhone, but it isn’t yet completely independent.

“It’s hard to overstate just how big a deal this could be,” Gruber said about an LTE-equipped Apple Watch.

For Apple fans, it’s one more gadget to look forward to. Along with the iPhone 8, Apple Watch, and HomePod, Apple is also expected to introduce an updated Apple TV and iMac Pro later this year.

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