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It seems nobody wants to direct Suicide Squad 2

by Danny Zepeda | August 2, 2017August 2, 2017 3:30 pm PDT

Suicide Squad was a hot pile of garbage, but it was a successful hot pile of garbage, so a sequel is being made. Unfortunately, that process is going about as good as the movie was, which is to say not that great, as the sequel has lost its latest director.

Jaume Collet-Serra was the front runner to get the Suicide Squad 2 job but he has opted to take the directorial job for Disney’s The Jungle Cruise starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. He was the latest name to be attached to the project only to drop out. Before him, Mel Gibson was rumored to direct the sequel but those talks never went anywhere.

The news Suicide Squad 2 is losing its director continues to cast doubt on the project. With Zack Snyder taking a major step back in his leadership role of the DCEU, this has left plans for future movies in limbo. Beyond Justice League (and it’s sequel), Aquaman, The Batman, Wonder Woman 2 and a newly announced Shazam movie, every other project has no set plans as of today. That includes The Flash, Green Lantern Corps, Cyborg, Gotham City Sirens and now Suicide Squad 2.

The Flash has lost multiple directors while it is rumored that Suicide Squad director David Ayer won’t get to make Gotham City Sirens with the Zack Snyder news. But at least those movies had directors at some point. The rest have been talked about for months with absolutely no traction being made for their production.

One can only guess as to whether any of these movies will be made, but things aren’t looking great.

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