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Samsung reveals new details about the Note 8’s dual camera

by Danny Zepeda | July 31, 2017July 31, 2017 12:30 pm PST

Samsung is expected to include a dual camera in its upcoming Note 8 flagship, and a division within the company just revealed some impressive details about what to expect.

There will be four main features of the dual sensors: zoom, perspective, low-light and depth.

Zoom will utilize the second sensor to optically zoom in up to 3x. The demo images show off the impressive range the camera can zoom in without distorting the image. From the demo shots shown off, you can see a subject (a sign outside the Samsung offices) shot straight on. But after a perspective mode is used, the image looks as if it has been taken at a slight angle.

Low-light mode continues Samsung’s prowess in low-light photography. The Galaxy S8 arguably takes the best low light images around, and a new feature called Super Night Shot will take the Note 8 to the next level. Super Night Shot utilizes both sensors to capture enough light that puts more detail and colors into low light images.

Depth mode is Samsung’s version of Portrait Mode found in the iPhone 7 Plus. Using both sensors, you will be able to put the focus on a specific subject. The demo shots show the shifting focus between subjects in the forefront and subjects in the background.

Samsung is expected to announce the Note 8 in a few weeks, so we’ll get more official details soon.

Danny Zepeda

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