Did you know the Game Boy Advance originally had a 3D screen?

by Joey Davidson | July 30, 2017July 30, 2017 3:00 pm PDT

It’s true, according to one of the latest episodes of Did You Know Gaming, the popular YouTube series from the channel by the same name. Nintendo prototyped a stereoscopic 3D screen for the Game Boy Advance, but they decided against it after they saw how it looked in action.

This time around, the channel tackles the Game Boy Advance. I love my Nintendo 3DS and DS, but the Game Boy Advance was really the handheld that took portable gaming to a whole new level for me. The games on that platform, like a Super Nintendo for my pocket, were stunning. I’ll contend that it was easily one of Nintendo’s best-made devices.

I owned both the original Game Boy Advance and the SP that released a few years into its lifespan. Both were fantastic.

So, dig into the nearly nine-minute video below and learn something new about one of Nintendo’s greatest systems. Did you own a Game Boy Advance? Where does it fall on your list of best portable game systems?


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