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SEGA is returning to the arcade racing genre in a huge way

by Ron Duwell | July 29, 2017July 29, 2017 10:00 am PDT

SEGA’s importance to the history of the racing genre often goes unsung these days. Sadly, the likes of simulatorsopen world racers, and online racers have diminished the relevance of a classic twist on the formula: the arcade racer. Sure, a few quality titles come out every now and then, but the days of Daytona USARidge Racer, and Outrun have long since passed.

Don’t tell that to SEGA though. The company is still banking big on its legacy with two new arcade racers currently in the works. One, the return of Daytona, we’ve know about for some time, but the other is brand new news. This is Sega World Drivers Championship!

Unlike Daytona 3, which proudly flashes its retro graphics for all to see and gawk over, Sega World Drivers Championship is upgrading to the Unreal Engine 4, creating an arcade racing experience with the most up to date graphics on the market.

With the SEGA Super GT license, it can also utilize real world cars from Nissan, Honda, and Toyota, giving hardcore car nuts the chance to jump into real world vehicles.

Location tests are set to begin around Japan before the end of the month. I’ll keep an eye out for it because there are few racers I love more than the ones that come from SEGA. (Oh… Burnout… where did you go?)


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