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Essential rocked by another executive departure

by Josh Levenson | July 28, 2017July 28, 2017 2:30 pm PST

Essential appears to be going through staff faster than Garfield eats lasagne. In the same month that Andy Fouché and Brian Wallace made a run for the door, Liron Damir, the firm’s head of UX, has walked out.

It’s unclear why Damir, Fouché and Wallace have all decided to leave Essential and take on new roles, but considering the Essential Phone is still nowhere to be seen, it’s only natural to assume that something unusual is happening.

We doubt that’s the case, though. After all, Andy Rubin, Essential’s founder, is also the creator of Android — so needless to say, he’s trusted and respected by many influential players in the smartphone industry.

That said, people have been turned for a lot less than $300 million.


Josh Levenson

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