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WhatsApp now has one billion daily active users

by Josh Levenson | July 27, 2017July 27, 2017 7:00 pm PST

WhatsApp has revealed that it now has one billion daily active users, which means that one in every eight people on Earth are using the popular messaging platform — and that figure could increase at a blistering rate if the Facebook-owned company finds a way to launch the application in China, where it’s currently banned.

Those one billion daily users are tirelessly moving their thumbs to collectively send an average of 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion images and 1 billion videos every single day. No matter how you slice it, that’s an awful lot of memes passing through WhatsApp’s heavily-encrypted servers on a daily basis.

Facebook is dominating the digital communications industry

Unfortunately, we don’t have daily active figures for all of Facebook’s platforms, but we do know that Instagram, Messenger and Facebook have 700 million, 1.2 billion and 2 billion monthly users, respectively. After processing these figures, one thing becomes apparent: Facebook is dominating the digital communications industry.

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