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What a slap in the face: Mighty No. 9’s physical box finally ships, is a complete joke

by Joey Davidson | July 27, 2017July 27, 2017 2:00 pm PDT

Is there a fanbase more abused than the lovers of Mega Man who were swooned by Mighty No. 9 and its absurd, record-breaking Kickstarter campaign? I’m not sure.

As the poor release and awful backer treatment dies off, we should have the Mighty No. 9 story dead and buried. Really, we shouldn’t even be talking about this game anymore, save sliding it in as a one-liner in a story about something else. A feature on dumpster fires, maybe.

And yet here we are, writing about the physical box and manuals backers are now receiving in the mail, 500 years after their promised delivery date.

These $60 backers just received an unassembled box and an instruction manual that literally doesn’t fit inside it. They didn’t even get the game. Here’s a tweet from @Isfet.

To be fair, that tier of backers was never promised the game physically. Just a box, that they had to put together to hold… I’m not sure. It can’t hold the manual, so there’s that.

What a saga this has been, friends.


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