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Flying with electronics just got more annoying

by Sean P. Aune | July 26, 2017July 26, 2017 8:00 pm PDT

Electronics of all types have become a huge part of our lives, but if you’re about to get on a plane, you may want to consider just how many you’re taking with you.

In June it was announced that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) would be strengthening its regulations around electronics on planes. On Wednesday it was announced that all electronics larger than a cell phone will now need to be removed from your carry on luggage and placed into bins for inspection in the x-ray machines.

“Whether you’re flying to, from, or within the United States, TSA is committed to raising the baseline for aviation security by strengthening the overall security of our commercial aviation network to keep flying as a safe option for everyone,” said TSA Acting Administrator Huban A. Gowadia in a statement.

The plan has not yet rolled out to all airports, but will so “during the weeks and months ahead.” The airports already following the new rules include:

  • Boise (BOI)
  • Colorado Springs (COS)
  • Detroit Metropolitan (DTW)
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL)
  • Logan International (BOS)
  • Los Angeles International (LAX)
  • Lubbock Preston Smith International (LBB)
  • Luis Muñoz Marín International (SJU)
  • McCarran International (LAS)
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International (PHX)

These new rules only apply to passengers going through the standard security lines. Anyone with TSA Pre membership will be exempt and able to leave their electronics in their bags. Do note, however, that at random times TSA Pre members are selected to have to go through a standard line, so if you travel with a lot of electronics be prepared to pull them out for further inspection.

When planning your next trip, you either need to give some thought to if you really need that one really big electronic, or if you can pack it in such a way for easy removal and repacking.

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Sean P. Aune

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