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Nintendo might be making a mini N64 Classic, trademarks suggest

by Joey Davidson | July 20, 2017July 20, 2017 2:00 pm PST

Might we see a Nintendo 64 Classic Edition next year? Given how much money the NES Classic made Nintendo, the hype surrounding the SNES Classic and these new trademark filings, it seems very likely.

Rösti on NeoGAF gets the credit for finding the trademark applications connected to this one. They actually present two possibilities.

Nintendo filed four separate applications with the European Union Intellectual Property Office. They were each for controllers for the N64, NES, SNES and Nintendo Switch. It’s entirely possible that Nintendo might be making unique controllers for the Nintendo Switch’s eventual Virtual Console.

However, Rösti posits that the “goods and services” nature of the filings indicates that we’ll see the Classic Edition for the Nintendo 64.

Whatever it is, let’s hope Nintendo makes more than six of them this time around.


Joey Davidson

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