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Splatoon 2 will have a solution for rage quitters

by Joey Davidson | July 18, 2017July 18, 2017 11:00 am PST

Surely, at some point in our gaming lives, we’ve all been there. We’ve had a match that’s not gone quite our way or we’re paired with teammates that we’re convinced are ruining our play, so we quit. We quit the game, we shut off the console, we disconnect without warning.

Splatoon 2 may be a cutesy game in its aesthetic and design, but Nintendo has baked in some method to deal with that rage quitting madness. A Twitter user stumbled upon it over the weekend and posted this picture.

In case that text is illegible for you, it reads: “Your previous online play session didn’t end naturally, which is PREEEEETTY suspicious. If this keeps happening, we’re gonna have to block you from playing online for a while. Make sure your internet isn’t busted and try again.”

Like I said, cutesy.

Sure, this sort of stinks for those with less than stellar internet connections, but it’s necessary. It’s especially necessary for the Ranked Battle and League Battle modes. Those will actually have an affect on a player’s ranking if their teammates quit during play.

What do you think? Did Splatoon 2 need a measure for rage quitting?

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