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iPhone 8 renders will make you want to ditch your Galaxy S8

by Brandon Russell | July 18, 2017July 18, 2017 10:30 am PDT

We’ve seen the iPhone 8 from every conceivable angle over the past few months. Now, a new set of renders have appeared on Tuesday, giving fans yet another look at the upcoming flagship’s possible design. What makes these renders unique, according to BGR, is that they show us what the device looks like with the display powered on.

The renders were apparently made by case maker Nodus, which may or may not be in possession of iPhone 8 schematics. Either way, the renders look a lot like what we’ve seen over the past few months: Edge-to-edge display, all-glass design, dual-camera setup, and an awkward cutout in the screen.

How Apple will accommodate that cutout still remains a mystery. As these new renders show, the cutout doesn’t exactly leave room for icons to show up in the notification bar. And it’s unclear how the device will handle notifications when they pop-up at the top.

This year’s iPhone release is expected to be Apple’s biggest yet, and these renders certainly reflect some major changes to come. Unfortunately, some of the device’s features may not be ready for the device’s release, which means things like wireless charging might come a few weeks after the handset is in stores.

Check out the renders above (along with many other previous renders) to see what the iPhone 8 may look like when it’s unveiled this fall.


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