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The Ataribox is like an NES Classic for Atari games

by Eric Frederiksen | July 17, 2017July 17, 2017 12:00 pm PDT

After teasing a “brand new Atari product” at E3 this year, Atari is revealing more about its upcoming “Ataribox.”

Details are still pretty sparse, but a new email from Atari to fans offers up a few more details and some images to go with the new information.

The box features SD Card support, an HDMI port, and four USB ports, making this box an already different beast from Nintendo’s offerings. The console will include classic games out of the box, alongside “current content,” though Atari isn’t saying what games will be included, nor what “current content” means. The box will come in a classic woodgrain style as well as a black-and-red look for those less attached to nostalgia.

What we don’t know

Aside from those vague concepts, we know very little. We know Atari is involved, but not how much. We don’t know what the box’s specs are, or what games will ship on the chip. Is this thing going to be a streaming media box that happens to also play Atari games? Or will it be ultra-low powered to keep the focus on the games? With an SD slot, it could be a hacker’s dream – a perfect environment for emulation. We also don’t know what kind of controller it’ll ship with, when it’s coming out, or how much it’ll cost. Atari says these details are coming, but that they “want to get this right.”

Atari says it is “listening closely to the Atari community feedback” as they work on the box. We’re eager to see what Atari’s doing. I worry that this is a cash grab to jump on the NES Classic train, and that it won’t perform as the company is hoping. But if they make it open enough, it could find a market regardless of what games it ships with.

Eric Frederiksen

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