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Pokémon GO players in Japan spend more money than American players

by Ron Duwell | July 13, 2017July 13, 2017 7:00 am PST

For a country that still eats whale meat, Japan sure has a lot of them playing Pokémon GO. New research shows that, on average, Japanese players will spend a lot more money on the game than their American counterparts.

The stats come to us from app tracker Sensor Tower, which claims that Japanese players spend the most money in the world when it comes to Pokémon GO. Its findings show that the average player has sunk roughly $26 into the game, which towers over the United States at $7.70 or Canada at $7.60.

However, the total amounts shouldn’t surprise players with North Americans making up a far larger audience than the Japanese. In total, Americans have spent $424 million on the game, which is much higher than the Japanese average at $318 million.

I haven’t sunk that much money into Pokémon GO, but I can guarantee that my mom has. Does Google credit from her as a present count towards her total or mine? I don’t know.

In Japan, I’m finding more people playing once again with the recent updates to the gyms and the raids. I’m wondering how it’s holding up in the States. Any insight for me?

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