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Castlevania’s Netflix producer chooses the absolute perfect series to aim for next

by Ron Duwell | July 12, 2017July 12, 2017 6:00 pm PDT

Producer Adi Shankar found immediate overnight fame in the video game world recently after making his stellar anime reinterpretation of the Castlevania series for Netflix. The show is far better than it has any right to be, and Shankar scored an extension for Castlevania as well as the rights to produce an Assassin’s Creed show in the same vein.

However, the true follow-up he wants to make is a bit too perfect. Speaking with NintendoLife, Shankar admits that he would love to produce a show based on the series Castlevania is eternally tied to. (No, not Contra, you old timers)

What other video game series would you like to adapt?

Dark Metroid in the same anime style.

A match made in heaven

Yes! Yes! By all means, this should be next in line for what Netflix picks up. However, Nintendo is a bit tighter on its IP than Konami and Ubisoft are, and it rarely trusts outside personalities in the entertainment world to work with its characters. I can’t imagine why! Can you think of any reasons why?!

Still, Netflix would be totally right in pursuing the rights to Metroid. Such a show could potentially be groundbreaking and could open up Nintendo in being a bit more liberal with its brands.

Speaking of which, both Metroid: Samus Returns and Metroid Prime 4 just around the corner. Why not put the series back in the spotlight in a big way?

You can read the whole interview over at NintendoLife, and Shankar comes off as a genuine gamer who knows what he’s talking about. Hopefully, more talent like him can be found in the entertainment world who want to do these beloved franchises similar justice as Castlevania.

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