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You can now mute notifications on Twitter for accounts that don’t follow you

by Josh Levenson | July 11, 2017July 11, 2017 2:30 pm PDT

Twitter has released a new filter that allows you to mute notifications for accounts that don’t follow you, which should help curb the network’s growing number of spam profiles.

Recently, Twitter introduced a slew of other advanced filters, letting you snooze alerts for accounts that have a default profile picture and haven’t confirmed their email address.

Here’s a list of all of the different filters Twitter supports:

  • Accounts that are new (that you don’t follow)
  • Accounts that don’t follow you (that you don’t follow)
  • Accounts you don’t follow
  • Accounts with a default profile photo (that you don’t follow)
  • Accounts without a confirmed email address (that you don’t follow)
  • Accounts without a confirmed phone number (that you don’t follow)

To activate the filters on a desktop, navigate into the Notifications section, tap the Settings icon, then set your preferred restraints.


Josh Levenson

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