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Hulu just got a lot better for fans of animation

by Brandon Russell | July 11, 2017July 11, 2017 12:30 pm PDT

Hulu’s library of quality content got a little more tasty on Tuesday. The streaming service announced an expanded partnership with Twentieth Century Fox, which will see the service add all seasons of Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, and more in the coming weeks.

The new additions bolster Hulu’s library, which already feature exclusive animated favorites, such as South Park, Rick & Morty, Adventure Time, and more. Hulu’s Lisa Holme said Hulu’s viewers love animation, spurring the new agreement.

Hulu has always offered on-demand content from Fox, but only the most recent episodes. For Bob’s Burgers, for example, audiences could only watch season 7, which ended its run last month. Now, you can watch the entire series, including future episodes, all on Hulu.

“We are thrilled to license these iconic adult animated series to Hulu, and to further support their position as the leader in offering this type of award-winning animated,” said Fox’s Evan Scheffel.

With the expanded partnership, Hulu’s gain is Netflix loss. Earlier this year, Bob’s Burgers and other Fox animated shows left Netflix, and now viewers only have one place to go in order to get their fix.

In addition to being the exclusive place to watch Fox’s lineup of animated shows, Hulu will also get This is Us, Fresh Off the Boat, Empire, The Last Man on Earth, and more.


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