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The Dark Knight Trilogy is getting a 4K remaster

by Eric Frederiksen | July 11, 2017July 11, 2017 8:00 pm PST

Back before we were being inundated with 47 superhero movies a year, before interconnected cinematic universes were a thing, Warner Bros. put the caped crusader into the hands of Christopher Nolan, and we got some of the best superhero movies yet, even after the countless ones that have followed. Now, we’re going to get to look at those movies in a whole new light – Nolan is remastering the Dark Knight trilogy.

Speaking to Bad Taste Italia, Nolan confirmed that he is indeed working on remastering his older movies, and that he’s “very much” personally involved in the restoration process. Nolan talked a bit in the interview about why he thinks 4K matters, and why HDR in particular matters.

“It gets closer to the resolution we shoot films in… as home video formats keep evolving, particularly 4K with HDR, it allows us to give somebody in the home an experience that’s much, much closer to what it was like to see the original film prints as projected on film, and I think that’s a very exciting prospect,” Nolan said.

Don’t hold your breath, though

Nolan says the remastering process is long and complicated, though, so it’s tough to say when we’ll actually get to see these movies. But the prospect is exciting. Seeing The Dark Knight remastered in 4K and with access to a greater range of color and light could be a very different experience from the one we currently get on Blu-ray.

Eric Frederiksen

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