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BlackBerry says it has fixed the KEYone’s biggest problem

by Killian Bell | July 10, 2017July 10, 2017 4:10 am PST

BlackBerry insists it has fixed the KEYone’s biggest problem. New units now being distributed to retailers include “even greater strength and adhesive” to make the handset’s display more secure. It should prevent the panel from popping out too easily.

Despite being noticeably different to just about every other Android smartphone, the KEYone has been well-received since making its debut. It’s basically the handset to buy right now if you rely on a physical keyboard. It’s not quite perfect, however; a recent durability test found that the device isn’t quite a robust as it looks on the outside.

Without too much pressure, it’s possible to bend the KEYone enough that its display pops right out of its aluminum frame. Some users have even found that their display has become detached after slight drops. “The whole [display] can be removed entirely by hand because there is zero adhesive holding it in place,” explains Zack of the JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube.

BlackBerry and KEYone manufacturer HMD Global have clearly taken note of this, and made changes to production to fix it. In a comment on the CrackBerry forum, a support representative confirms that steps have been taken to ensure the display is more secure on new devices now shipping out to carriers and retailers.

“In a further effort to ensure all our BlackBerry Mobile customers and fans have an outstanding experience, we’re implementing additional measures that add even greater strength and adhesive to the BlackBerry KEYone display,” reads the post. “These new measures are already being implemented on new KEYone’s and are beginning to hit our retailer and carrier inventories – and will continue to come in stock throughout the summer.”

If you have already purchased a KEYone, there’s no need to swap it for a newer model. BlackBerry says that if any issues arise with your unit (like the screen falling out) “you’re fully covered by the manufacturer’s warranty,” so you’ll get it repaired or replaced at no extra cost.


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