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Tesla’s Elon Musk shares first images of production Model 3

by Brandon Russell | July 9, 2017July 9, 2017 4:38 pm PDT

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was in a celebratory mood over the weekend after the automaker’s first Model 3 was rolled off the assembly line. You can view the pictures of production 1 unit in the gallery above.

According to Musk, the Model 3, which appears to be decked out in a stealthy black, needs to undergo a final checkout before it’s deemed road ready.

“Wanted to say thanks to all [who] own or ordered a Tesla,” Musk Tweeted earlier this month. “It matters to us that you took a risk on a new car company. We won’t forget.”

Musk previously announced the Model 3 had passed all regulatory requirements for production earlier than expected, with the first 30 units anticipated to ship on July 28. As the months go on, Musk expects production to ramp up significantly, with as many as 20,000 units expected to be built in December alone.

It’s been a long wait for those who preordered the Model 3 after its announcement last March, with an estimated half a million reservations for the vehicle.

The reason so many people are excited for the Model 3 is because, like the Chevy Bolt, it introduces an affordable way to experience the world of all-electric vehicles. At $35,000 before incentives, Tesla promises the Model 3 will be capable of getting over 200 miles on a single charge.

Additionally, the Model 3 will feature full self-driving hardware, with the option to add advanced semi-autonomous features upon ordering; you can also buy these features later via a software update. Tesla is promising its hardware will be able to achieve Level 5 autonomous driving by the end of 2017.

When it was unveiled last year, the Model 3 featured a very minimalist interior with no traditional instrument cluster. Instead, it came with a big touchscreen oriented in landscape, which will provide drivers with all the information they need. Now that a production model has been finished, hopefully Tesla will share photos of what the Model 3’s interior looks like.

In 2006, Elon Musk wrote a master plan that he says is now in the final stages. Now that the automaker is finally producing an affordable electric car, the next challenge will be fulfilling all of the orders.


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