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Netflix is still king among streaming services

by Danny Zepeda | July 9, 2017July 9, 2017 11:00 am PST

In the world of streaming, Netflix is still the top dog. This isn’t changing anytime soon, as new data shows that cord cutters watch more Netflix than all other streaming services combined.

The numbers come courtesy of comScore, which was cited by MarketingCharts in its own report. Last week data revealed there are now more streaming service subscribers than cable subscribers. Now, its shedding some light on how much the over-the-top (services like Netflix) content is consumed.

Netflix now claims 40-percent of over-the-top viewing hours per month compared to 18-percent for YouTube, 14-percent for Hulu, 7-percent for Amazon Video and 21-percent for everything else (HBO Now, etc.). It also topped all other streaming services with most monthly viewing days with 12.9 days.

One area where Netflix isn’t leading the streaming services is with watching hours per day. Hulu tops every other service with 2.9 hours. Netflix (2.2 hours), and YouTube (2.1 hours) all come in way behind.

The consumption of TV has completely changed with the introduction of streaming, and the latest data shows it’s only changing more. It is unclear at this point if cable subscriptions will ever completely end, but they will continue to dwindle in subscribers unless more competitive packages are offered.

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