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Sonic Forces’ theme “Fist Bump” is sung by Hoobastank lead singer

Hoobastank, that’s a name I haven’t thought about since college. When I hear that name, all I can think about is bad anime music videos, usually ones starring Vegeta or Sasuke. The band is still actively touring and making music, and its lead singer Doug Robb suddenly found himself back in the spotlight with the video game crowd.

Robb provided the vocals for Sonic Forces’ new main theme called “Fist Bump,” continuing the series’ lovely tradition of rocking out like we’re still stuck at the turn of the millennium.

Oh man, how amazing. You need a bit of cheek to appreciate these Sonic themes, but once you find it, nothing really compares. From the legendary “City Escape” to now, Sonic’s theme songs have been the most consistent element of the series. They never fail to deliver the rush you need to enjoy Sonic’s speed.

If only the games were more consistent.

“Fist Bump” was composed by Tomoya Ohtani, who has been with the series for longer than most of your lives, and the strings were arranged by Takahito Eguchi. As for the game itself, Sonic Forces looks like a solid entry, borrowing from the popular Sonic Generations for inspiration and adding a dose of player input with customizable characters.

In the year of Sonic ManiaSonic Forces has done a solid job of separating itself from the hype and setting up its own excitement. The game will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and OC in Fall 2017.

Ron Duwell

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