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Nintendo is crushing sales charts all around the world so far in 2017

by Ron Duwell | July 8, 2017July 8, 2017 8:00 am PDT

Nintendo and the Switch are sitting in a mighty fine place right now. In North America and in Europe, the console is surpassing Nintendo’s forecasts and can’t be kept in stock. And in its home country of Japan, Nintendo consoles host eight of the top ten best-selling games, including a perfect score at the top five.

In those top five, three games are for the Nintendo 3DS and two are for the Switch. The Switch is also the best-selling console so far in Japan, selling faster than its rival, the PlayStation 4. Oly Resident Evil 7 and NieR: Automata have been able to land Sony a place on the best-selling chart.

  1. Monster Hunter XX for 3DS (1,640,005 units sold)
  2. Pokémon Sun and Moon for 3DS (527,862)
  3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for Switch (501, 614)
  4. Zelda Breath Of The Wild for Switch (464,480)
  5. Super Mario Maker for 3DS (397,656)
  6. Biohazard 7 for PS4 (324,066)
  7. NieR: Automata for PS4 (311,906)
  8. Momotaro Dentetsu 2017 Tachiagare Nippon!! for 3DS (263,790)
  9. Yokai Watch Sukiyaki for 3DS (215,297)
  10. 1-2 Switch for Switch (200,807)

And as for hardware, Nintendo has the country all wrapped up, and it’s having even worse shortages than in North America!

  1. Nintendo Switch: 1,016,473 units sold
  2. Sony PS4: 877,630 (now at 4,799,246 total)
  3. Nintendo 3DS: 872,620 (22,784,033)
  4. Sony PS Vita: 260,296 (5,507,715)
  5. Microsoft Xbox One: 5,093 (78,041)

Nintendo is back in black! Blue and red are still an option though, as well… if you can find them.


Ron Duwell

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