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Volvo killing their gas-only cars by 2019

by Joey Davidson | July 6, 2017July 6, 2017 8:00 am PST

Starting in 2019 and moving forward, Volvo is done with cars that run purely on combustion engines.

Volvo will be the first auto manufacturer to entirely move away from internal combustion engines while staring down new companies like Tesla and their all electric fleet. They will make only electric cars and hybrids.

President and CEO of Volvo Hakan Samuelsson, according to The Wall Street Journal, said that this “marks the end of the solely combustion engine-powered car.” The company aims to sell one million electric cars and hybrids by 2025.

Volvo will launch five completely electric cars between 2019 and 2021, three under the Volvo banner and two under the brand Volvo owns, Polestar.

This absolutely marks what could potentially be a wholesale transition away from internal combustion engines for consumer-facing auto manufacturers. How will that affect that price of the Volvo brand at dealerships? That remains to be seen.


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