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RED unveils its first phone and it’s going to hit your wallet hard

by Danny Zepeda | July 6, 2017July 6, 2017 11:00 am PST

RED is known for making some of the best cameras around, and now the company jumping into smartphones too. RED on Thursday unexpectedly announced the Hydrogen One smartphone that will feature a holographic display and modular design.

The Hydrogen will feature a 5.7-inch “Professional Hydrogen Holographic Display” that will switch between three modes: traditional 2D content, holographic RED Hydrogen 4-view content and stereo 3D content. As for what all that means, we still don’t know. RED only released one image that shows off the design of the phone, but we still haven’t had to chance to see the holographic display in action.

What RED did reveal, with much gusto, was the fact that the holographic element will work without the use of glasses. Again, we don’t know how exactly it’ll work, but RED will market this feature heavily.

If you’re familiar with RED’s cameras and accessories, you’ll be very familiar with the design of the Hydrogen One. It borrows the same industrial aesthetic with rugged edges, sharp accents and signature RED insignia on the back. The ports of note include a headphone jack and USB-C port, but the more intriguing inclusion is the line of pins that will connect to the modular accessories. RED didn’t reveal any of the coming accessories that will be available for the Hydrogen One.

The Hydrogen One will be available in two version: Aluminum for $1,195 and Titanium for $1,595. RED is known for its expensive gear, and its smartphone will fall in line with its price points as well. Both versions will be available some time in early 2018.


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