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Microsoft employees braced for imminent layoffs

by Killian Bell | July 6, 2017July 6, 2017 5:00 am PDT

Microsoft employees are reportedly bracing themselves for layoffs that are expected to begin today. Some have been scheduled for short, 15-minute meetings with their managers, according to anonymous posts online — just days after Microsoft confirmed big changes are coming.

Microsoft is yet to confirm any layoffs, but a company memo distributed on Monday informed employees that it was planning significant changes to its sales organization. Some say that “too many deals have to go through the hands of too many different sales and marketing people,” according to a report from Business Insider.

Now it seems as though some employees are being called in for news they hoped would never come.

“Conference rooms are booked and some employees are being scheduled for short 15-minute meetings with their managers, according to several postings on the anonymous chat app Blind,”
Business Insider adds. “Only verified employees at a company can access Blind. The app is popular at Microsoft; some 25,000 of the software giant’s employees use it.”

No-one has any idea how many jobs might be cut yet. TechCrunch reported last week that Microsoft is planning to lose “thousands” of employees worldwide, but not everyone who is scheduled for a meeting fears their role is unsafe. Some expect to be transferred to new positions within the company.

Microsoft currently employees over 121,000 people, of which about 52,000 are part of its global sales and marketing business. The company has a habit of announcing layoffs in July. This time last year, it confirmed it was cutting 2,850 positions. The year before, it slashed over 7,000.

Killian Bell

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