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Pokémon GO made a bajillion dollars and has been downloaded a bazillion times

by Ron Duwell | July 5, 2017July 5, 2017 7:00 am PDT

Pokémon GO is still popular enough to set the world on fire despite whatever decline you might have heard mumblings about.

Since its launch last July, Pokémon GO has made a staggering $1.2 billion dollars and just crossed the threshold of 752 million downloads. This information comes from app tracker Apptopia, who says that while the userbase has decreased, plenty of fans still sink enough money into the app to keep it wildly successful.

Apptopia suggests that 60 million active users still play the game, which measures how many people log in just once a month to play. This is down from 100 million last August. It’s a big drop off, but still a number any app publisher would love to see.

The recent additions of Raids, the promises of upcoming Legendary Pokémon, and the first anniversary celebrations could possibly stir up excitement and inspire lapsed trainers to return within the coming month.

In which case, Pokémon GO makes even more money!

Ron Duwell

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