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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s single player DLC has been totally scrapped, says report

Kotaku, the same publication that blew the lid off of BioWares’ internal struggles while developing Mass Effect: Andromeda, is now reporting that its sources within the studio claim no single player DLC will be produced for the game. What you see is what you get with Mass Effect: Andromeda. At least we got a few patches that ironed out the dreadful performance issues.

According to a fake post that made the rounds on BioWare’s Facebook page this weekend, all single player DLC had been canceled for the game thanks to its mediocre reception. BioWare pulled the post and confirmed that it was a fake.

However, Kotaku followed through on the Facebook post and confirmed with three inside sources that, indeed, BioWare and EA would not be developing any further additions to the main experience.

The Montreal studio that helmed Mass Effect: Andromeda has been scaled down since launch, and the other studios currently have the company’s next game, Anthem, as well as a possible new Dragon Age that they have to focus on instead. In the meantime, not only has the DLC been scrapped, but so too have plans for a sequel, claims Kotaku’s sources.

Lost Legacy

Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 both excelled in the single player DLC department, delivering experiences that held up to the standards set by the main game. It’s a shame that the brutal reality of the modern video game world came down so hard on Mass Effect after only a single game waylaid its trajectory, but that’s just how it is. If you want to exist in this video game world on such a high scale, you can’t afford any mistakes!

There might not be a second chance to get things right… unless you’re Assassin’s Creed of course.


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