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Anime legend Kiki returns in an up-to-date short film about being 17

by Ron Duwell | July 2, 2017July 2, 2017 11:00 am PDT

Pro-tip: Studio Ghibli has been empowering young women for a lot longer than the DCEU has. For all the talk of finally getting a good superhero film that stars a woman, it would be wise to understand that one of the most iconic anime studios out there has a perfect record when it comes to penning positive and wonderful female characters.

Nausicaa, Sheeta, Fio, Satsuki, San, and Chihiro, and of course, who can forget Studio Ghibli’s most endearing female lead, Kiki?

We obviously can’t, and neither can Japan. The young witch recently reappeared on Japanese television in a fun little short film that takes place four years after Kiki’s Delivery Service comes to an end. Kiki is no longer a thirteen-year-old misfit witch trying to work her way into a new society. She’s now a part of that society and lives an everyday existence, of course, with her magic still in tow.

In the video, she enjoys her high school life, looking forward to graduation, cleaning the school pool while balancing on her flying broom, and still hanging out with her friend Tombo. Yup, even the little nerdy kid from the film makes a return, only he’s more interested in drones instead of flying bicycles now.

And Kiki totally has the hots for him.

It’s a nice, nostalgic way to catch up on a classic favorite movie. For a brief thirty seconds, we slip back into the life of one of our favorite anime characters, and then… we are treated to this.

Yup, a Cup Noodle commercial.

I gotta hand it to them, the company really knows how to advertise, doesn’t it?


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