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A very familiar company will make Project Fi’s mid-tier device

by Danny Zepeda | June 30, 2017June 30, 2017 11:45 am PST

Yesterday, Project Fi revealed a mid-tier phone would support its network. As for which company would make this phone remained a mystery. Now, we now the answer: Google’s old friend, Motorola.

The phone in question will be the Moto X4. If you remember, Google owned Motorola before it sold off the company to Lenovo and during its ownership time, the main phone it marketed was the Moto X. Lenovo has since pushed the brand aside for make room for the modular Moto Z, but the X-line is making a comeback.

This will be the first non-Nexus and Pixel device to gain Project Fi compatibility. The lack of additional device support has been a big point of contention with customers who aren’t fans that the only newer phones supported are the pricier Pixel devices. The Moto X4 will fall in the mid-tier price range.

Not much is known about the phone other than what we’ve seen from Evan Blass’ leaks that reveal it will sport a 5.2-inch Full HD 3D Glass display with a “SmartCam.” VentureBeat reports the device will sport a dual camera system.

The Moto X4 is expected to arrive some time later this year.

Danny Zepeda

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