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OnePlus 5 may survive in water, but you shouldn’t try it

by Josh Levenson | June 30, 2017June 30, 2017 1:30 pm PST

A number of reports started making the rounds on Thursday claiming that the recently-released OnePlus 5 is capable of surviving in water, even though it doesn’t have an IP waterproof rating.

While that may be true, we wouldn’t recommend trying it at home for one reason: there isn’t any adhesive between the handset’s display and frame, which is an easy access point for water to enter (and fry) the circuitry.

As we saw in JerryRigEverything’s teardown, the OnePlus 5 is not only one of the most durable smartphones on the market, but also one of the easiest to repair, with every component capable of being removed without a heat gun.

Can’t decide whether to pick up the OnePlus 5?

On a related note, we recently published our comprehensive review of the OnePlus 5 — so if you’re struggling to decide whether to pick one up, it should help you reach a decision.


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