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BioWare isn’t working on Jade Empire 2, distracted by Dragon Age

by Joey Davidson | June 30, 2017June 30, 2017 6:00 pm PST

Jade Empire is a bit of a cult favorite among fans of BioWare. If word got out that the company was working on a Jade Empire 2, those diehard fans would be thrilled.

But that’s likely not happening. BioWare Creative Director Mark Laidlaw spoke with Josiah Renaudin during a 1099 podcast about actually getting to work on Jade Empire 2 and what that would take.

“You need passion, you need talent, you need the right people and the right team, and then capacity. I’d be a fool to say we weren’t considering [Jade Empire 2]…

…If someone said to me ‘What would you do with Jade 2’, I have an answer. I have a very clear answer in my head. But I also recognize that the majority of the leadership of Jade Empire 2, the people who are really the passionate vision holders are all on Dragon Age … Let’s put it this way: Dragon Age is fairly distracting.”

It’s great to hear that folks at BioWare have both been considering Jade Empire 2 and have a good idea in mind for it, but we definitely won’t see it anytime soon. If Dragon Age continues to do well, and if new IP like Anthem take off, I don’t think Jade Empire 2 will ever come to fruition.

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