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SNES Classic rumors strengthened by the loose lips of GameStop store managers

by Ron Duwell | June 26, 2017June 26, 2017 6:00 am PDT

Nintendo has a long way to go to regain the trust of retro gamers after last year’s botched NES Classic Edition plans. Thousands of enthusiasts remain without their consoles while scalpers line their pockets with the paper tears of people who genuinely want the device. In the meantime, Nintendo claims ignorance, saying that they didn’t expect the product to be so popular.

Yeah… sure.

Well, we’ve all got a few months to get over it because Nintendo is looking more and more every day like it will release another retro device in the coming year. This comes according to a series of GameStop managers who were hounded by the persistent writing staff over at Destructoid.

In its findings, Destructoid claims to have potentially uncovered an upcoming announcement for the Super Nintendo Classic Edition, meaning retro gamers are going to get their shopping carts ready over the next few months.

Nintendo obviously has to think of a new excuse for shortages as well because it definitely won’t be able to rely on the Shield of Naivety two years in a row.

According to the Destructoid report, which is loaded with NSFW language so be warned, GameStop store managers around its area were more than ready to talk about Nintendo producing the SNES Classic on the condition of anonymity. Each of the store managers sounds confident that it is going to happen, but the reasons they provide like “they want headlines and foot traffic” and “They wanted to hype us up, but we all just sort of groaned” come off as somewhat cynical about it.

Still, the managers all said they were informed by Nintendo behind the scenes that this will be happening. We’re not ready to make any conclusions beyond speculation at this point, but there are enough rumors flying around to at least spark an interest.


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