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HTC teases upcoming Edge Sense gestures for U11

by Killian Bell | June 26, 2017June 26, 2017 4:18 am PDT

HTC is relying on the U11’s unique Edge Sense gestures to set it apart from rivals like the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. The only problem is that there are very few things you can do with it right now. HTC insists that is going to change, and in the video below, it teases some of the useful gestures we can look forward to getting soon.

Much like Bixby, which was supposed to be a big selling point for the Galaxy S8, Edge Sense feels unfinished right now — like it was rushed out of the door before it was ready for prime time. But HTC has some very neat ideas for its new pressure-sensitive smartphone, some of which will prove incredibly useful.

In the video below, the company demonstrates how Edge Sense gestures will be used for things like zooming into maps and photos, switching views in a calendar app, answering and ending calls, silencing alarms, and more.

While some of the gestures may seem a little gimmicky — who really wants to zoom into a photo by squeezing their phone? — others will undoubtedly prove useful. The ability to answer calls with a squeeze seems like it would be a great gesture to have, though making it even easier to silence alarms on those cold and miserable mornings might be a bad idea.

HTC doesn’t tell us when these gestures will be available on the U11, but we’re hoping it won’t keep us waiting too long. Which ones will you use?


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