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Apple’s new Chicago store will have a giant MacBook on its roof

by Danny Zepeda | June 25, 2017June 25, 2017 8:00 am PST

Apple has embarked on a massive renovation effort of its flagship stores in major cities. First up was the 5th Avenue New York store and now the company’s downtown Chicago store is getting an upgrade that will include a crazy new detail that is sure to catch your eye—a giant MacBook for a roof.

First reported by DNA Chicago, it got its hands on a video of the roof during the ongoing construction of Apple’s flagship downtown Chicago store and it looks exactly like a MacBook. The roof itself is a large silver rectangle that has the same tone as the classic silver MacBooks with the white light up Apple logo. During construction, the crew laid out a tarp of an Apple logo for a few minutes to see how it’ll look. This was when the video was taken.

The original design by London architecture firm Foster+Partners includes a lightweight carbon fiber roof with huge walls that cascade around it making the roof look like it floats. Early renderings show off the store’s gorgeous architecture. In those renders, the roof was not supposed to look like a MacBook, with the Apple logo not even being included, but that detail was added later on in development.

As of today, there is no date for when the Chicago Apple Store will officially open. You can see the image of the logo being laid out on top of the store down below.

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