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WhatsApp wants to be your new go-to file sharing platform

by Josh Levenson | June 23, 2017June 23, 2017 2:30 pm PDT

For as long as we can remember, WhatsApp has given its users the facility to share documents, images, and videos, but for some reason, it placed restrictions on the file formats that can be sent.

Now, however, the Facebook-owned company has started testing a new feature that allows users to share any type of file — even an APK — as long as it’s under 100MB on Android and 128MB on iOS.

Sure, 100MB is quite a small limit, but we’re guessing the restriction is in place to stop users overwhelming WhatsApp’s servers with the transfer of humongous files, like ultra-high-resolution videos and computer games.

If you find yourself taking to Dropbox, Google Drive or another platform on your smartphone to send files to people you converse with on a daily basis, you’ll likely welcome this feature with open arms.

Step aside, Dropbox. There’s a new player in town.


Josh Levenson

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