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This dummy iPhone 8 may be what the final model looks like

by Danny Zepeda | June 23, 2017June 23, 2017 10:30 am PDT

If you were wondering what the iPhone 8 will look like if you incorporated all the rumors we’ve heard, you finally have your answer. Graphic designer Benjamin Gaskin Frankensteined a device that shows off the rumored bezel-less display, along with Apple’s recently announced iOS 11.

Gaskin posted the pictures of the dummy device on his Twitter with the caption: “This is most likely how the iPhone 8 will look like.” It lines up with the previous rumors we’ve heard of the design. He used a dummy device, printed a picture and placed it on the display. It looks pretty legit to the undiscerning eye.

The main feature you notice right away is the display. Gone is the home button and Touch ID sensor, which is now seemingly underneath the screen. It definitely lives up to the hype by eliminating bezels, although that top cutout looks off. In fact, it looks uncomfortably odd. The Essential Phone did something similar, but the iPhone 8 concept’s odd top bezel stands out like a sore thumb. The images do not show off the back of the device with the new glass panel and vertical dual camera system.

At this point, it is unclear if Apple will follow through with this speculated design choice. Hopefully, Apple figures out a way to not resort to this design.

Check out Geskin’s iPhone 8 dummy and tell us what you think.

Benjamin Gaskin BGR

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