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Apple CarPlay improved dramatically in latest iOS 11 beta

by Danny Zepeda | June 23, 2017June 23, 2017 3:30 pm PST

Ever since Apple released CarPlay a few years back, it’s been a work in progress. It’s a neat way to improve your car’s infotainment system, but it still lags far behind Android Auto in many key areas, primarily in navigation. iOS 11 is addressing these issues with a few notable improvements.

9to5Mac began testing out CarPlay with iOS 11 beta 2 and came across some interesting new features. The main updates come in the Maps app. Drivers will now get lane guidance directions in the form of a black window on the left side dictating which lane to be in. Siri will also provide audio feedback for lane guidance.

CarPlay is also receiving speed limit detection. The speed limit window will pop up on the right side of the display. During 9to5Mac’s testing, the feature was was reportedly fairly accurate in real world usage. Maps will also get a better method of recommending alternative routes. Before, these routes came in the form of intrusive banners. Now they will be incorporated into the map directions with a “Same ETA” tab much like how it works on Google Maps.

Outside of Maps, notification dots will now appear on apps in the shortcut menu on the left side. Since these apps are quite small, the number of notifications won’t show, just the red dot. Siri got a minor refresh as well. Replacing the long wave-form Siri is the small circular sphere.

Most of these features have been around for some time in other navigation systems, but its good to see them arrive on CarPlay. You can test them out too with the recently released iOS 11 beta 2.


Danny Zepeda

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