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Samsung’s new Gear VR said to have super-sharp display

Samsung’s Gear VR headsets are a relatively affordable way to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality machine. But future versions of the device may not need a phone at all. According to a new report, the next Gear VR will have its own super-sharp display built in.

Industry insiders speaking to South Korean news outlet Naver have revealed that the new Gear VR’s display will boast a staggering 2,000 pixels-per-inch. That’s far more than any smartphone on sale today, with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ offering 570 and 529 ppi respectively. It’s also more than any other virtual reality headset.

In comparison, Oculus Rift, arguably the best of the high-end virtual reality headsets, has a pixel density of 460 ppi, while the HTC Vive offers 447 ppi. It is believed that densities above 1,000 ppi add to the realism of the experience, and eliminate some of the downsides to using VR headsets, such as motion sickness.

“When using a VR device, the number of ppi should be much larger than it is now to feel natural without feeling dizzy, ” an industry official told Naver. “The higher the resolution, the better the nausea symptoms will be.”

Sadly, there’s no word on when Samsung plans to release this Gear VR upgrade, or whether it will be a completely standalone device. Although it might have its own display, it will still require power from somewhere — and a content source.

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