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Rocket League on Nintendo Switch rocks stellar frame rate, decent resolution

by Joey Davidson | June 20, 2017June 20, 2017 2:00 pm PST

When Rocket League races onto the Nintendo Switch later this year, it’ll rock the same frame rate and resolution both docked and undocked. It’ll run at 60fps in 720p.

The word comes from Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham during E3 when speaking with GameSpot.

On that smaller Nintendo Switch screen when I’m playing on the go or downstairs? I’m down with 720p resolution. On my TV up in my office? I think I’ll boot Rocket League up on my PC or PlayStation 4.

Yes, I  own it twice over already, don’t be mad.

It’s the frame rate that should make players happy here. As far as I’m concerned, frame rate trumps resolution once you push up into the realm of HD. Having this thing at 60fps in 1080p would be great, but 720p is a fine compromise for a higher frame rate.

The thing that gives me pause about the Nintendo Switch version of this game is how it’ll feel over Wi-Fi. When docked, my system is connected to a hard wire line. Portably, of course, it’s Wi-Fi, and I’m curious about how lag will be perceived in this game.

That matters for Rocket League.

Will you pick up the Nintendo Switch version of this tremendously popular title?


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