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Surface Laptop can be restored to Windows 10 S after Pro upgrade

If you upgrade your new Surface Laptop to Windows 10 Pro, you’ll have the option to revert to Windows 10 S later if you change your mind or decide to resell the device. Microsoft didn’t offer a recovery image when the machine first made its debut, but that’s no longer the case.

The Surface Laptop ships with Windows 10 S pre-installed. It’s a new version of Windows that’s designed to be more secure and lightweight, and it has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s more efficient than a standard version of Windows, which means it won’t hog system resources or sap your battery. On the other hand, it can only run apps downloaded from the Windows Store.

Fortunately, Microsoft gives users the option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro should they need the additional features and the ability to install apps from anywhere. The process is simple, and until the end of the year, upgrading is completely free. What’s more, you now have the option to revert to Windows 10 S if you upgrade and subsequently change your mind.

MSPowerUser reports that Microsoft has now made a Windows 10 S recovery image available for those who need it. It gives Surface Laptop owners a route back to this version of the operating system if they decide Windows 10 Pro is overkill, or they want to resell their device running the pre-installed version of the software. But downgrading isn’t as easy as upgrading.

While the switch from Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro is a piece of cake, and takes just a minute, the switch back is more complicated. It’s a 9GB download, for starters, and installing it requires you to wipe your machine, which means you cannot hold onto your files. Nevertheless, it is at least possible, and Microsoft has provided a tutorial via the source link below.

Microsoft MSPowerUser

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