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Galaxy Note FE may not be hitting shelves as soon as you hoped

by Josh Levenson | June 15, 2017June 15, 2017 9:30 am PST

Samsung will launch the long-rumored Galaxy Note FE in South Korea on July 30, reveals a new report published by News1, conflicting with recent rumors claiming that the handset will hit the shelves on July 7.

The report states that the firm doesn’t have the resources required to produce the 300,000 units of the handset it will release in the region in time for the original launch date, so it decided to push it back.

Other than having an “R” stamped on the back to indicate that it’s a refurbished unit and shipping with a smaller 3,200mAh battery, the Galaxy Note FE should be identical to the original Galaxy Note 7.

The Galaxy Note FE won’t be cheap

With regards to pricing, a Galaxy Note FE is expected to set you back an eye-watering $600, which is a lot to pay for a device that’s getting on for nine-months-old.

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